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GaN Power Bridge Modules -Datasheet Information Request

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GaN Power Bridge Modules Information Request

GaN Power Bridge Modules

Sensitron GaN Module Features:
• More efficient than Si MOSFET based Modules
•  Low RDSon
•  Fast ton and toff times (10X more than Si)
• Integrated gate drive
• Low inductance package design can take maximum advantage of high switching speeds
• PWM frequencies up to 1Mhz
• Smaller input and output filters
• Topside cooling results in optimal thermal performance
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GaN Half Bridge IPM, SPG025N035P1B  GaN Full Bridge IPM, SPG025N020P2A
• 350V rated 20A
• 500Khz switching
• Integrated gate drive
• Top side cooling for optimal thermal performance


• 200V rated 25A
• High speed switching to 1Mhz
• Integrated gate drive
• Top side cooling to PCB
• Thermal interface through solder castellations
• 200V, rated 50A (In development)