High Power Surge Protection- Transorbs

Active TVS SuperClamp, MIL-STD-1275 Protection

  • High Power TVS for sensitive 28V Systems
  • 100% tested to single pulse of 120A for 100millisec
  • Designed to enforce safe paralleling
  • Narrow clamping window (very low ratio of Vclamp to Vwm)
  • Transient clamping independent of temperature to less than 38V
  • Low profile, space saving package with easy busbar interface
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MIL-STD-1275 Compliant Transorb 28V Protection, SCP-5282-x Series



  • 28V power system voltage transient protection including load dump
  • Clamping below 40V DC for both 100V and 250V pulse
  • Power savings by allowing lower FET voltage ratings to be used
  • Reliability: 100% production tested to meet MIL-STD-1275 test method

The Sensitron Advantage:
  • Low leakage at working voltage means no significant power loss at normal conditions
  • Protection without power interruption
  • Automatic recovery
  • 100% power pulse tests in production

Product Options:
  • SCP-5282-3,-4, -5/A, -9, -36 are designed to meet SAE J1113-xx requirements
  • SCP-5282-3 & -4 also meet ISO16750 & ISO7637 requirements
  • SCP-5282-6 tested to 1275 & Aircraft DO-160 spec

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For different configurations, please contact us at: sales@sensitron.com

High Power Mil-STD-1275 IP67 SuperClamp Enclosure

Product Features:

  • Up to 3 SuperClamp devices in parallel inside an IP-67 Enclosure
  • Clamping below 40V DC for 40V, 100V, and 250V pulses 
  • Handles 300A, 100millisec single square pulse, clamping at 33.2V max
  • Enables compliance with MIL-STD-1275 requirements for injected and emitted surges and spikes
  • Aluminum IP-67 Enclosure with pressure equalizing vent
  • Part Number:SECP-5282-4, SECP-5282-9
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SAE Compliant High Pulse Power Transorb for +12V Systems

Product Features:

  • SAE J1113-11 compliant; 100V Surge withstanding with 0.5-ohm source impedance, 400 msec pulse
  • SAE Compliant high pulse power transorb for +12Vdc systems, clamping below 32Vdc for 100V pulse with 142 peak current
  • Screw terminals for easy installation
  • Isolated base plate for mounting to chassis
  • Clamping below 32V DC for 100V pulse with 142A Peak current
  • Increase system reliability by eliminating avalanche FET operation
  • High pulse power capability
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